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Help spread the word. Too many UFT retirees are still in the dark about the ongoing threats to their NYC Medicare benefits. Let them know that they will have a choice in the upcoming Retired Teachers Chapter election. Let them know that, this May, they can vote for Retiree Advocate/UFT and say NO! to the bait & switch to Medicare Advantage.

A downloadable collection of Retiree Advocate/UFT fliers, handouts, and newsletters that you can share electronically, or that you can print for distribution in your community.

Retiree Advocate flier for general distribution at events and in your community

April 7, 2024 Newsletter

Each One, Reach One!

A snail mail letter to inform retired UFT colleagues, family, and friends about the upcoming RTC election.

March 25, 2024 Newsletter


March 2024 RTC Meeting Handout


March 15, 2024 Newsletter


Flier for February 2024 Florida RTC Meetings


February 16, 2024 Campaign Press Release


December 2023 RTC Meeting Handout

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